Astro PLAY

Listen To Earn


From listener to listener, a new concept in the streaming market: Listen To Earn.

Astro Play promotes rewards for all users who listen to music on our platform in a mining format. The more songs they listen to per day, the more ASTRO tokens users will mine.


We were born from a company composed of people passionate about music and with the goal of innovating the streaming universe, uniting two multibillion dollar markets: music and cryptocurrency. And our users gaining from it.


Users can listen to music as many times a day as they like, and accumulate Astro Cash.

The more you listen, the more you earn.

And you can even boost your earnings by referring the app to friends and family using your "referral link" and earn rewards every time your referrals listen to music through Astro Play.


The earning system is even better.

In addition to earning by listening to music, we will also have a ranking system that will promote awards.

The first 5 winners who listen to the most music and accumulate the most "Cash" will win exclusive prizes valued at up to R$5MIL reais, such as: iPhones, trips, coupons, and much more. And the best: EVERY MONTH.

In addition, we will also have weekly awards with exclusive benefits such as double cash for each song listened to.

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