🎸Gustavo Moura & Rafael

With a career of more than 15 years, the successful duo Gustavo Moura & Rafael was born and grew up in the country music market, dreaming of becoming renowned and recognized singers one day.

Sons of the singer and composer Financeiro, from the duo Monetário & Financeiro, Gustavo Moura was born in Tupaciguara /MG, and his brother Rafael, in São Paulo/SP.

They started their professional career as children, singing in birthdays, municipal parties, and performing in auditorium programs, such as "Gente Inocente", on Rede Globo and "Viola, minha viola", on TV Cultura, among others.

From adolescence on, the duo, for ten years, faced the great school of every artist: singing "at night", in bars, discos and nightclubs, especially in the capital of São Paulo.

Throughout their journey, Gustavo Moura and Rafael produced five CDs and five DVDs, among these works with several participations of national renown.

The duo is also known for their compositions, among them, "Na Hora da Raiva", recorded by Henrique e Juliano, theme song of the global soap opera "Haja Coração", back to Globo in 2020, "Depois da Briga", song recorded by Maria Cecilia e Rodolfo.

His latest hit, called "Cara de Golpe" has more than 44 million views on YouTube. The artistic and commercial potential of Gustavo Moura and Rafael is unquestionable and impossible to ignore.

They will certainly impact the world of country music considerably in the coming years.

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