What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a system that allows sending and receiving some types of information over the internet. It functions as a large database in which pieces of code carry information connected to cryptographic systems, enabling the issuance and transaction of virtual currencies more securely. The blockchain is append-only, which means in Portuguese “only attachments”. Translating, in the blockchain it is only allowed to add information, after such information is added it is not possible to modify such information, that is, it is immutable and in case of change it will no longer be the same transaction. Every transaction is unique and immutable, and every transaction made is linked to the previous one. All information (transaction) added must be linked to the previous one by validating that information. Every new information added generates a unique fingerprint called a “hash”, with this hash we can easily find the transaction in the database that is the blockchain. This is the blockchain, a network of chained data that each added piece of information is linked to by previously generating a hash. Due to this great simple and, at the same time, complex system, blockchain has been taking more and more space in society and Astro Cash.

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